3-Day Red Lips Challenge

On Wednesday, I went on a 3-Day Red Lips Challenge with Nat where we each were to explore different textures and tones of red on our lips, and share the looks on Instagram.
It was a really fun challenge to do, especially when I always love me a classic red lip. 

While I love my reds, I know how much work it can be perfecting your edges when putting them on, and also making sure that your lippie doesn't smudge or fade through the day. 
Red lipsticks can also come off intimidating to some, which I totally get. It took me a while to get used to them too. But really trust me, once you get used to it, you'll always reach for red - I promise!

ColourPop Cosmetics | Swatches & Review

With ColourPop going wild on social media, it was literally a pain to once again be deprived of amazing looking products that do not ship to Singapore. Thankfully though, Sharmain whom I met on Instagram was kind enough to pool together orders and have them shipped via concierge. My makeup lust was thus sooooooo gratefully satisfied.

It was a tough decision when I had to to restrict myself to 6 pieces (exercising self-restraint lol)... so I decided to be spontaneous and picked whichever catches my eye first.

Nice to Meet You

HELLO, and welcome to my makeup/beauty blog! 
If you were redirected from my previous platforms under the user DiamondInRouge, THANK YOU for following through. I'm really excited to go on a fresh slate and get my little shenanigans back on track. And if you're a complete new reader, THANK YOU too for stopping by (I hope you'll stay!!)

Since we're starting out fresh, I believe an introduction Q&A would be good protocol!